Malik Arshad Gilani

Complete EIFS (External Insulation Finishing System) was applied to the project. Ressi Insufix 200 was used to apply the Polystyrene Sheets over the wall surfaces along with a fiber mesh. Ressi PlastoRend 120 (Premix Plaster) was applied over the surface of the fiber mesh and finished with Ressi PlastoRend 110 (Decorative Plaster) Foam Finish. The Finished surface was protected with Silblock (Water Repellent and protective) Sealer. The boundary walls were simply protected with a similar matched color of Paint Guard 10,000 C (This was made smooth by using sandpaper over the surface) and was protected with Silblock (Protective water repellent sealer).

Ressichem (With Labor and Material)

DHA, Karachi


15,000 SFT on structure and EIFS. Over 5000 SFT for Boundary walls (Approx)

Habib Fida Ali Architects

Mr. Rehman