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A wide range of specialty items to meet a wide range of industry demands.

Zepoxy Anchor Plus is an all purpose Epoxy Adhesive specially formulated product. This product is specially useful for Base plate and Metallic Anchoring works where heavy loading is required. This… read more
Zepoxy Epo Iron Coat is an Epoxy Based top pigmented final coat designed for Iron-based substrates for subsequent protection from rusting and provides a smooth decorative finish. It has a… read more
Ressi Anchor Fix is a three-component epoxy based high strength adhesive and anchor grout. It forms to give a strong, dense solid material. It is available in premeasured ready to… read more
Ressi NSG 710 is a cement based nonmetallic, non-shrink, free flowing grout that maintains a fluid consistency for a longer duration. read more
Zepoxy Epo Iron Primer is a Red-Oxide and Zinc-based epoxy primer designed for Iron-based substrates for subsequent protection from rusting. It has a high adhesive, mechanical and abrasivestrength which ensures its… read more
Ressi Kerb Grout 102 is a ready to use cementitious water-resistant curb stone gap filler which is specifically designed to provide a long-lasting gap filling application between various types of… read more
Ressi Kerbfix 101 is a cement based ready to use just add water curb stone adhesive used for the laying of curb stones and making pathways and road walkways. Its’… read more
Zepoxy LEEG-10 is a solvent free, three component, free flow epoxy grout designed for mass grouting. Due to its low exothermic reaction, it is particularly suitable for grouting at high… read more
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