Salt bursts

Recommended Solution: Silblock, Silmix
Ressi SBR 5850.

Trapped efflorescence creates spalls and other damages. Silblock can mitigate such kind of serious problems because it diverts all the salt & water down wards towards earth and makes surface dry. Silblock is a solvent free siloxane / alkoxysilane emulsion in water. The product is suitable as impregnating agent for masonry including highly alkaline surfaces. It demonstrates good penetration into a variety of absorbent building materials. Please refer to product technical datasheet for further technical information.

Silmix is a Siloxane based chemical additive that can be added in mortar and plaster mixes.Silmix along with the use of Ressi SBR 5850 can ensure long life of the mortar. It is recommended to use 1 Ltr of Silmix along with 1 Ltr of Ressi SBR 5850 with every 50 KG Bag of cement. This treatment will ensure that the issue of salt bursts is minimized, and the life of the mortar / Plaster is enhanced for many years to come. For further information please refer to the product technical datasheets. 

Application Animation