Summary of application

Step 1: Application of Insulaster over the masonry surface.
Step 2: Finishing of the surface.

Detailed description

Insulation is the most effective way to improve the energy efficiency of a home, commercial or an industrial space. Insulation of the building envelope helps keep heat in during the winter, but also lets’ heat out and cooling inside the structure during summer. If a structure is properly insulated it can easily save up to 60 ~ 70% in heating and cooling costs after installation. 

An un-insulated structure is subject to considerable winter heat losses and summer heat gains. Ressichem has a variety of products that can use used for the insulation of a roof. The following system describes a Wall insulation system comprising of Insulaster an insulation base plaster designed to be applied over the Masonry and concrete surfaces.

Step 1: Application of Insulaster over the masonry surface.

Surface preparation
All loose particles of dust and oil shall be cleaned off the surface prior to application. for hot climatic conditions, the surface may be dampened with portable water. Over RCC and smooth concrete surfaces, a bottom coat of Ressi BRC 7000 may be used if required.

Product preparation
For manual application it is important that water is premeasured in accordance with the amount of material used. the mortar powder should be added over the water to avoid the settlement of the material at the bottom of the mixing container. The mixing should be uncontaminated, noncorrosive, and clean. Only potable water should be used for mixing.

With proper surface preparation and mixing of the material, conventional plastering techniques can be used to apply Insulaster. However, for speedy application it is strongly recommended to do proper surface preparation and spray the material using a plastering / rendering spray machine for higher output of work.

No curing required in general however maximum is curing for 72 hours where hot climatic conditions prevail.

Step 2: Finishing the surface.

The ideal recommended finishing material to be used Insulaster is Ressi PlastoRend 110 (Pigmented decorative plaster) protected with Silblock (Water Repellent Sealer). Please refer to the application guide for decorative plasters for further information.

In case there is a requirement of finishes like paints etc., Paint Guard 10,000 C can also be applied over the Insulaster surface treated with fiberglass mesh and Ressi Insufix 200. Other finishes like stones, marble, granite and other texture coatings and treatments can also be used for the finishing of the Insulaster surface.

Before the application of any product like wall putty, paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster, or any other coating Insulaster must be dried out completely with no moisture content inside of it. Insulaster is a dry premix cement-based plaster for internal/external application to provide thermal insulation of walls. It is an ideal substrate to receive subsequent coats such as decorative plasters and paints.

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Wall Insulation System Using Insulation Plaster

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Wall Insulation System Using Insulation Plaster

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