Summary of Application

STEP 1: Surface preparation with metal mesh between the joints of concrete and masonry and application of levelling Dabs.

STEP 2: Application of Ressi PlastoRend 120 directly on prepared masonry and concrete surface.

STEP 3: Finishing the surface as required.

STEP 4: Application of Ressi PlastoRend 100 over the base plastered surface.

STEP 5: Finishing the surface as required.

STEP 6: Application of Silblock(Water Repellent Sealer) over the prepared surface of Ressi PlastoRend 100.

Detailed Description

Conventional finishes have a lot of issues when it comes to  deterioration through pollution & other weathering impacts. A cost effcient & durable solution seems to be the need when it comes to external finishing of residential, commercial, & industrial structures.Ressi PlastoRend 100 is an ideal solution when it comes to having a cost effcient & durable solution to these problems. Ressi PlastoRend 100 is a ready to use pigmented thin applied decorative plaster which is applied on a roughly finished levelled plastered surface at a thickness of 2mm and below.

Ressi PlastoRend 100 is applied at the time of construction & should be used as a finishing plaster over the base plaster surface. (Please refer to the system of base plaster for further guidance).Only the addition of an appropriate amount of water is required on site to achieve the desired plaster consistency. These plasters can be applied by hand and can also be sprayed over the wall surface of masonry or concrete using a plaster / render spray machine.

Application using a plaster

/render spray machine

A spray mortar machine is brought to the job site. Electric and water connections are set into the machine. A bag of Ressi PlastoRend 100 is torn into the machine.

Once the machine itself is setup properly, the mortar for Plastering and rendering will be mixed with water and sprayed onto the desired wall or roof surface via means of spray gun.


Continually keep on tearing the bags of Ressichem Plasters & Renders into the Machine.

Whilst the material is sprayed onto the desired surface, corresponding masons’ level the surface following the spray gun plaster.

After the machine setup, the Ressichem plastering & rendering system can be defifined into 3 simple steps.


Keep on spraying the material onto the desired wall or roof surface.


The plaster/render should be finished as per the desired finish required.

It is strongly recommended to further protect the finished surface of Ressi PlastoRend 100 with Silblock water repellent sealer. This sealer will protect the decorative plaster of Ressi PlastoRend 100  from various environmental damages.

For further information on the plastering & rendering system by Ressichem, please refer to the various datasheets & product catalogue

System Summary


A: Block / Brick Masonry
B: Metal Mesh
C: Levelling Dabs
D: Base Plaster or Ressi PlastoRend 120
E: Ressi PlastoRend 100 (Final Finished Surface) + Silblock.

Application Animation

Colored Plaster 2mm And Below

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