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Electronic Component Potting

Ready to use specialized epoxy potting materials for electronic component manufacturers.

Zepoxy Electro Pot Low viscosity, High gloss, electronic component potting adhesive. read more
Zepoxy Electro Pot Econo. Low viscosity, high gloss, electronic component potting adhesive read more
Zepoxy Electro Pot Plus Low viscosity, high gloss, electronic component potting adhesive with long pot life read more
Zepoxy Electroflex is a specially designed electronic component potting adhesive which gives a clear, bubble-free finish with high flexibility. read more

Epoxy Resin Potting Compound

Ressichem provides a protective and permanent solution in the form of potting material for an electronic component, which helps in protecting the electronic assembly while enhancing the product’s mechanical strength. Our electronic potting is the best suited for different applications, including electronic components, windings of transformers and motors, semiconductors, LEDs in transparent plastic, automobiles electronic systems, etc. We offer a long pot life circuit board potting compound that protects against shock, vibration, and dust.

Electronic Potting Manufacturers in Pakistan 

We are the top manufacturers of waterproof potting compounds designed to secure electronics from chemical and environmental stresses. We supply versatile epoxy resin potting compounds suitable for any application and provide excellent resistance to heat, chemical, impact, and environmental hazards.

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