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Epoxy Adhesives and Coatings

A wide range of Epoxy products made in Pakistan suitable for every related application / Detailed information on related categories and products presented in this section.

Epoxy Adhesives Manufacturers

Epoxy adhesives and coatings are not just used for bonding, sealing, and coating for industrial and small-scale applications, the possibilities of various uses are limitless. Ressichem is one of the leading epoxy adhesives manufacturers where you’ll find resins, hardeners, mixed formulated systems, and additives for epoxy floor coatings and various other applications.

Epoxy Adhesives Coating Systems

We have modified the epoxy system to use in low temperature and high humidity environments, all-purpose epoxy adhesive useful for bonding metal, wood, ceramic, concrete, etc., and multipurpose rapid setting adhesives for steel, brass, copper, iron and plastic.

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