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Composite Manufacturing

A wide variety of composite manufacturing ready to use epoxy solutions ranging from sports goods to fiber glass manufacturing.

Zepoxy PR Fix is a purpose-built system for manufacturing of Paddle Rackets through hand lay-up method; the viscosity and adhesion of this system ensures good impregnation in carbon fiber and/or… read more
Zepoxy LPES (Laminate Production Epoxy System) is a purpose-built system for manufacturing of Laminates through hand lay-up method; the low viscosity, long pot life and high adhesion of this system… read more
Zepoxy FPRE (Fiber preg Roving Epoxy) is a Low viscosity, high mechanical strength epoxy system for easy wetting of carbon/glass fiber used to produce fiber glass tanks, pipes, and composites… read more
Zepoxy Bonding Paste is a solvent free epoxy based bonding paste specifically developed for bonding and repair of carbon/glass fiber-based composites. Its high compatibility with epoxy-fiber composites ensures excellent adhesion… read more
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