Faiz E Hakimi Jamaat Khana

This was a particularly challenging project. Initially got into the project for the execution of Ressi PlastoRend 110 (decorative plaster) in wood trowel verticle finish. This was protected by Silblock Water Repellent sealer. A particular shade of hammer finish stone was being used on the project. Ressichem was later asked to replicate the color and feel of the stone and apply a verticle texture similar to the hammer finish look to mimic the stone. This was also done using Ressi PlastoRend 110. The Stone look plaster was also protected using Silblock Water Repellent protective sealer.

Ressichem (With Labor and Material)

DHA, Karachi


50,000 SFT (Approx)

The Architects (Tariq Hassan)

Mr. Waheed