The Importance of Roof Heat Proofing and insulation

Roofing insulation has now received a lot of attention in Pakistan. Many commercial building owners and facility managers choose the “out of sight, out of mind” approach. If the roof system does not leak (fingers crossed), then everything is fine. But if it did, it would have a significant impact on the building’s performance and operating costs, and not to mention its service life.

When the sun’s radiation heats the shingles, the area underneath heats up. It also conducts heat into the roof interior via conduction of the roof material. Summer energy usage and cooling expenses rise as a result. Radiation barriers, such as those used in Roof Heat Proofing, can reduce heat transmission while keeping the roof cool.

Therefore, Roof Heat Proofing and insulation treatments play an important role in commercial, residential, and industrial spaces.

Roof Heat Proofing and insulation

Roof Heat Proofing and insulation Treatments at Ressichem

At Ressichem there are a variety of insulation Systems which can be implemented, these include but certainly are not limited to the following:

  1. System for Roof Insulation using Foam Concrete, EPS Sheets & Heat Reflective Coating
  2. Roof Insulation using Heat Reflective Coating
  3. Roof Insulation System using Foam Concrete
  4. Roof Insulation System using EPS Sheets

How does heat transfer take place.

There are three routes for heat to flow through a roof. Each has a unique influence on building performance and the control choices offered.

Conduction takes place within solid materials and between solid objects in direct contact. It may be the most intuitive heat transmission route. Strategies to break down thermal Roofing Insulation includes; adding primary insulation components, increasing the total thermal resistance of overall roof assembly, and eliminating thermal shorts in the roof assembly.

Convection occurs in gases and liquids, resulting in heat conduction amid substances motion. It includes air gaps, trapping or latent moisture (present in all construction materials), and wind uplift/negative pressure. Strategies to deal with convection includes air barrier and vapour retarder instalment that reduces airflow and condensation. 

When sunlight heats a roof or heat radiates outward from a structure at night, Radiation happens independently of solids, gases, and liquids. We can install climate-friendly surfaces for waterproofing roof. 

Thermal “shorts” or bridging across components requires avoidance as they reduce the overall value of the roof assembly. 

Roof Heat Proofing

Neglecting Roof Heat Proofing Results in Higher Risks

1. Moisture damage

Attic, ceiling and roof structures are mainly composed of concrete and in some cases  wood,  there is a risk of moisture. Although these components have high humidity, they can damage leaky roofs by water and affect their structure. As moisture reaches other parts of the house, other problems such as water spots, blisters, and puffy plaster can also occur.

2. Rising Mould

Mould grows in hot and humid places, avoiding direct sunlight. A leaky roof meets all three conditions and is the perfect environment for mould growth. Mould causes distinct odours, and their stains are difficult to remove. The spores can cause respiratory problems such as allergies, rhinitis, asthma and a stuffy nose. If it extends into the attic, it may be necessary to replace the roof prematurely

3. Electrical Hazard

Water from roof leaks can enter wires, sockets, or devices and lead to short circuits in power lines.

Roof Waterproofing


Insulation costs are constantly rising, insulation is now mandatory in construction requirements in many parts of the world (Not so much in Pakistan now)

Any new building must have insulation installed. Because roofing projects are costly, many individuals consider insulation an option but choose not to do that. Insulation is definitely more than a choice, given how vital it is for energy savings by many building requirements.

Contact Ressichem today – a reputable Roof Waterproofing and insulation Material producing Company in Pakistan – to discuss your roof proofing options and get started saving money and energy right away.

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