Waterproofing Chemical

An extensive range of Waterproofing chemicals is available to cater to a variety of leakage and seepage issues. These make your structure leakproof and waterproof.  These materials and many more can be used to take care of existing issues and for new construction as well. Our products go through a rigorous quality control and production process to ensure that we provide the best chemicals and materials for our clients.

Roof & Terrace Waterproofing

Good quality roof and balcony waterproofing can save a structure from a lot of long-term repair and maintenance costs. At Ressichem we have a variety of waterproofing solutions for roof and terraces. These long-term waterproofing solutions not only waterproof the slab but also save reinforced steel bars from water damage and corrosion.

Waterproofing Chemical For Plasteraing

A Good and Solid internal Plaster and external render is essential for any structure. It is the external plaster/render which encounters all the elements of nature. A good waterproof plaster and external render is the first line of defense for the wall of the structure. It is for this reason good quality waterproofing chemicals should be added to the mix of the plasters and renders so that they can stand the test of time.

Roof Heat-proofing Chemical

Good roof insulation and waterproofing is one of the most essential elements of a structure and building. At Ressichem we manufacture and variety of roof waterproofing materials. A variety of systems which can be used for the purpose along with the details of products are presented in the given systems.

Bathroom Waterproofing Chemical

Good waterproofing of bathrooms is essential as the area is in contact with water and moisture regularly. A variety of products starting from base waterproofing to appropriate tile adhesives / Bond along with a huge variety of Tile Grouts are available at Ressichem. We provide high end products to make sure that your bathroom is leakproof.

Overhead Tank Waterproofing

Leaking overhead tanks can create a lot of issues for any building structure, a variety of customized solutions are presented for a variety of different concrete over head tanks. From the creation of a new tank to taking care of issues in existing concrete over head tanks, Ressichem has a variety of water proofing chemicals for overhead tanks.

Waterproofing Chemical For Concrete

A good integrally waterproofed concrete can save a lot on long term maintenance cost of a structure. A variety of concrete admixtures which also include crystalline admixtures are available at Ressichem to cater to most of your concrete admixture needs. Especially for waterproofing purposes.

Waterproofing Chemical For Wall

Rising Dampness and paint peel-off is a big problem for a variety of walls both internal and external. At Ressichem we present a lot of custom-made solutions for internal walls, external structure walls, and boundary walls. These solutions are made to take care of all residential, commercial, and industrial structural needs.