Naval Academy Security Gates

A structure in a coastal area with a lot of salt and harsh exposure to the elements, the requirements for aesthetics and durability were relatively high here. Surface preparation by cutting all the grooves and repairing of the base area using appropriate repairing mortars and crack fillers. Application of Ressi PlastoRend 110 (Decorative Plaster) with Fair Face Finish and the execution of grooves as per the requirement of the client and consultant. All works were protected using a custom formulation of Silblock water repellent sealer keeping the conditions of the area under consideration. There were also minor areas where a blue color pigmented plaster of Ressi PlastoRend 110 (Decorative Plaster) was executed.

Ressichem (With Labor and Material)

Manora, Karachi


40,000SFT (Approx)

Atif Nazar Associates

Al raziq Enterprises