Masjid Umme Saleh

Execution of base plaster Ressi PlastoRend 120 along with the Application of Ressi PlastoRend 110 (Fair Face Plaster Finish) with the execution of "V" Shaped grooves as per the consultants’ specification. Protected with a highly concentrated version of Silblock (Water Repellent Sealer) specially developed for the project. The bottom height surfaces of the project were protected by Stone Guard (Stain Resistant Sealer). Since this was a sea facing building from all ends and had high exposure to salty air, special care had to be taken in various aspects of product formulation and execution. The Jaali used on the project was also casted using the same specialized material of Ressi PlastoRend 110 (Same as the top base plaster). A Special Tile Adhesive with the similar color as the plaster was developed for the fixing of the jaali to provide a seamless monolithic look as per the requirement of the consultant and the customer and the 3D that was initially presented for the project.

Ressichem (With Labor and Material)

Manora, Karachi


20,000 SFT (Base) - 20,000 SFT (Decorative fair face)


Steel Crete