Barki Petrolium

Application of Ressi PlastoRend 110 (Decorative Plaster in brilliant and many different colors) in foam finish. All Works were protected with Silblock (Water Repellent Sealer). This project was of particular interest as when the superhighway was being converted to the Motor way, there was a lot of dusty work going around the area, all the surfaces, especially the brilliant white plaster had been turned grey. Ressichem personnel were called on the project with the complaint of discoloration. Soap and water were used on the brilliant white surface along with a nylon brush and a cleaning demonstration was provided to the client. The sample area was cleaned and came back to as good as new. This Complaint and Demonstration was given in 2018, 2 years after the completion of the project.

Ressichem (With Labor and Material)

Karachi, Hyderabad Super Highway (Now Motorway)


11,000 SFT (Approx)