Epoxy Floorings

Durability of Epoxy floors guaranteed at the color of your choice. A variety of epoxy solutions are available, customization possible at sizable quantities.

Ressi EPO Crack Fill is a three-part system designed to fill hairline and thick cracks up to 6mm in concrete floors in a single layer. This is an impact resistant… read more
Ressi EPO Primer is an epoxy-based Primer to be used prior to the application of epoxy flooring and coatings over concrete and cementitious surfaces. Ressi EPO Primer is an ideal… read more
Ressi EPO Tough Might is a two-component epoxy resin based heavy duty and impact resistant epoxy flooring. It is designed for trowel application in thickness between 300 microns to 4000… read more
Ressi EPO Gloss Might is a two-component epoxy resin based heavy duty, mild chemical resistant, abrasion, and impact resistant epoxy floor. It is designed for trowel and self-level applications for… read more
Ressi EPO Chem Might is a two-component epoxy resin coating system for concrete and cementitious floor surfaces. It cures to a semi-gloss, impervious finish. The applied thickness of Ressi EPO… read more
Ressi EPO Eco Might is a two component, solvent free, epoxy resin high build coating for concrete and cementitious floorings. It is applied to produce a smooth finish. read more
Ressi EPO FS 5000 is a three-component solvent free epoxy resin, self-smoothening, heavy duty impact and abrasion resistant flooring system. It provides excellent mechanical resistance. Ressi EPO FS 5000 is… read more
Ressi EPO Roll Coat is a solvent free, two-part food grade epoxy tank lining coating system. It is also suitable as an epoxy paint for vertical wall surfaces in various… read more
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