The walls of bathroom should be plastered by adding Ressi SBR 5850 and Silmix with cement and sand also add Water Guard P 200 in concrete to make RCC surface. The RCC surface and walls should be coated over with Water Guard 491, before coating fill all the cracks which appear during plumbing on walls with Crack Heal 910 2K and cover all the conduit pipes on floor or RCC surface with Patch 365 Plus.

It is recommended to apply a primer coat of Water Guard 491 over walls and RCC surface. Apply 2 neat coats of Water Guard 491 in opposite directions

Note: First coat from left to right and second coat from top to bottom.

Once the coating of Water Guard 491 has dried out, a screed can be poured over RCC surface, mix Ressi SBR 5850 with cement and sand to pour the screed. Over the screed and walls of bathroom it is recommended to use tile adhesive Ressi TA 230 (high Strength waterproof tile adhesive for the bathrooms) for tiling and the tiles should be grouted using Ressi TG Bath Seal 2K.

For Further information, please refer to our product Data Sheets.

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