Over the RCC concrete of the slab a screed is poured. It is essential that all the drain points of the roof slab are identified in advance and the slope of the roof slab is maintained towards the drain points. Once the floor screed is done make sure that the finish of the screed is suitable and not too rough. The floor can be troweled smooth using a wood float with minimum grains exposed. Make sure that the strength of the screed is strong enough and there should be no cracks over the screed. A chamfer has to be made at the level of Final floor screed.

Once the surface is prepared and the drain points perfectly marked and created. 2 coats of Ressi Heat Guard can be applied lavishly over the roof.

Ressi Heat Guard creates a reflective barrier at the roof slab and does not let the heat in. For Further information about the product please refer to the product Technical Data sheet. 

Roof Insulation System Using Ressi Heat Guard