Hair line cracks that occur over vertical surfaces can be filled either using Ressi CFM 920 or Ressi CFM 920 2K.

It is recommended to open up the existing wall cracks in a “V? shape with a width and depth of 4mm minimum. Once that crack has been opened up, remove all loose particles and debris from the crack and rinse it with potable water to make sure that the surface area is clean.

Once the crack is cleaned up, Ressi CFM 920 or Ressi CFM 920 2K. can be used to fill up the cracks. Once the crack has been filled and the material has been dried out, a putty and paint system can be applied over the surface after 48 hours. No curing of the cracks is required.

Filling Of Hair Line Cracks Over Plaster

Ressi CFM 920 is recommended to be applied on static hairline cracks where no major vibration or movement is expected in the wall. If movements and vibrations are expected in the wall surface Ressi CFM 920 2K. can be applied which is a much more flexible Crack filler.

For Further information of Ressi CFM 920 and Ressi CFM 920 2K.. Please Refer to the technical datasheets of the product.