Recommended Solution: Silblock-AG

Silblock-AG could control all your graffiti problems:

  • Boundary Walls.
  • Monuments.
  • Parking & driveways.


With Silblock-AG you can keep graffiti in check.Silblock-AG is. ... A penetrating treatment , and thus a completely new type of graffiti protection.

Silblock-AG binds chemically to the mineral building material, unlike other graffiti control product which sticks mechanically to the rough surface. This chemical bond is extremely stable. Even long-term exposure to weather and UV radiation do not influence the efficacy of Silblock-AG. The protection also remains after repeated cleaning cycles.

Not film-forming . Other durable, non-sacrificial anti-graffiti products, for example 2K PU, fill the pores of the building material and create a vapor barrier. Water vapor generated inside the structure cannot escape to the outside. Trapped water vapor can cause damage to the structure. Silblock-AG is water vapor permeable.